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2018. október 31. 15:38

The Government Should Cover the Costs of Overdue Waste Collection!

The Government Should Cover the Costs of Overdue Waste Collection!
MSZP initiates that the government pay waste collection fees instead of citizens if the collection of any waste type is delayed by five days in any given month.

At a Budapest press conference on Wednesday, held at the junction of Parliament’s location, Kossuth Lajos Square and Alkotmány Street , Budapest party chief Gergely Őrsi proposed that the government reallocate funds from its "propaganda spending” in order to cover the costs of overdue public waste collection.

 “We continue to demand that the ‘dysfunctional, useless and profligate Waste Bin Holding,’ aka the National Waste Management Coordinating and Asset Management Company (NHKV) , be closed down and its duties retransferred to local governments,” he added.

 The politician stressed that waste collection was an issue all over the country and that in Budapest the collection of selective waste has virtually stopped. “The government failed to solve the problem, they just did a bit of troubleshooting and found only partial solutions,” he elaborated.

Gergely Őrsi stated that the 26 billion forints the government managed to “dig out of the trash” is simply enough to keep the streets clear of a swamp of garbage for the next two months.

MSZP's representative to the Budapest Municipal Assembly Csaba Horváth noted that everyone could see that Budapest was dirty, full of rubbish and rats are appearing in large numbers in the city.

In his view, the fact that Mayor of Budapest István Tarlós concluded an agreement with ‘Waste Bin Holding’, a company of the governments so-called National Co-operation System, shows that he does not represent the interests of the capital's people well.    

The press conference was attended by several district MSZP politicians who came with selective waste collected in bags. At the end of the press conference, they carried the trash to the corner of Széchenyi Embankment and placed them by the containers fully loaded  with garbage on the corner of Markó Street.