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2018. november 06. 13:59

Tarlós Bluffing Regarding Extension of M3 Metro Line

One year before the municipal elections, Budapest Mayor István Tarlós launched a tsunami of promises. The same Tarlós, who, together with Viktor Orbán, fully ignored the legitimate demands of Budapest’s citizens in the past eight years.
Fidesz-affiliatedTarlós now promises to extend the M3 metro line to Kápsztásmegyer, while the renovation the northern section of the metro has been delayed by several months, there are no sufficient funds to renovate the middle and southern sections, and Budapest dwellers are forced to commute in obsolete, unreliable Russian metro carriages.
It is the same Tarlós now promising a subway extension who has always opposed the construction of the M4 metro line and joined forces with the Orbán-government to prevent the metro line being built up to Bosnyák Square. It was also Tarlós who stopped the extension of M3 to Káposztásmegyer. The question arises how seriously the new promise of extending the metro can be taken, when Viktor Orbán, the superior of Tarlós, says the metro is “a the luxury of rich countries,”
and who prevented the renovation of metro line 3 by all means, the construction of line 4, and forced the obsolete, flawed Putin metros on Budapest.
In light of all this, we are in the right to fear that the extension of the M3 metro line is in fact another bluff. Tarlós and government have no intentions of seeing it through.
Csaba Horváth
on behalf of MSZP representatives of the Municipal Assembly

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