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2018. október 27. 15:51

Yet Another Basket Case from the Government

Yet Another Basket Case from the Government
By 2018, we see that in many places in Hungary waste is not being collected or collected late, while rats are proliferating.

Waste disposal no longer functions in 116 settlements of the country. To call attention to this burning issue, Budapest MSZP representative Sándor Szaniszló and Budapest vice-president of MSZP Gergely Őrsi took some bags of 12-day-old selective waste from the 2nd and 18th district of the capital to Kossuth Square in front of Parliament.

Should the government fail to solve the problem of waste collection in Budapest and the country by the end of the month, we will consider responding by civil disobedience whereby everyone troubled by the issue will bring their selective garbage straight to Kossuth Square. Perhaps this way the problem can be monitored with a clear view from Orbán's parliamentary office.

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