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2018. november 16. 06:39

What Makes Former Macedonian Prime Minister Eligible for VIP Asylum-Seeker Status?

The Hungarian Socialist Party initiates the convening of the National Security, Defense and Foreign Affairs Committees of the National Assembly in the case of Nikola Gruevski. The Socialists want to know which legislation makes the former Macedonian Prime Minister sentenced to imprisonment in his homeland eligible for VIP asylum-seeker status.
At a press conference in Budapest on Thursday, socialist member of the National Security Committee of Parliament Zsolt Molnár said that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Minister of Interior Sándor Pintér will have to answer at Parliament's Monday session as to where and when the former Macedonian Prime Minister entered Hungary.
“Clear, straightforward answers must be given, there is no more room for vagueness: Hungarian society as well as the international public must be informed on this issue," he said.
MSZP Chairman and caucus leader Bertalan Tóth said that Hungary has a government that on occasion will let an axe murderer leave the country or a runaway criminal enter it. He reminded that Nikola Gruevski was sentenced to jail in his home country.
The party leader said that Fidesz “preaches” that anyone who comes from a secure third country must wait in transit for the review of their asylum application. Upon review, however, they apply the regulation according to which the person concerned has to return to, he explained. “How is it possible that Nikola Gruevski is hiding in Hungary,” he asked.
The politician also raised the question as to when the Russian-friendly former Macedonian Prime Minister would end up at the Russian Embassy.
He said that the government would send thirty policemen to help guard the Macedonian border. The politician assumed that these policemen could become a target of violence, so he asked them to be relieved of this duty in order to protect them from possible assault.
At the conference it was stated that according to the Minister in Charge of the Prime Minister’s Office Gergely Gulyás it was decided for security reasons that Nikola Gruevski was not heard in the transit zone, but in the headquarters of the Asylum and Citizenship Office in Budapest, and this is common practice for former political leaders. As a response to this, Bertalan Tóth said they were interested to know which legislation stipulated that VIP asylum-seeker status is to be granted to the former Macedonian Prime Minister.