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2018. november 20. 10:03

MSZP First to Join Initiative of Ákos Hadházy

MSZP First to Join Initiative of Ákos Hadházy
The Hungarian Socialist Party is the first to join Ákos Hadházy’s initiative, so the party’s politicians will be there on 9 December, 2018 at the demonstration in front of the national public TV headquarters in Kunigunda Street.
At Socialist MEP István Ujhelyi's online meeting on Monday, a key figure of the Everyone’s Hungary Movement confirmed the fact that there will be a demonstration. 
The television nicked as public service has not reported in a single story that thanks to our joint work more than 270,000 signatures have been collected for the European Public Prosecutor's Office so far. Let's state it together: enough of public deception sponsored by public funds! MSZP is therefore preparing to bring a genuine press product entitled “True Talk” to the headquarters of the public television on 9 December.
MSZP – Hungarian Socialist Party

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