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2018. november 30. 22:52

Pro-Europe Forces Must Join Forces

Pro-Europe Forces Must Join Forces
The European Parliamentary elections are not just about who will make it there, but also the future of the whole of Europe, said MSZP Chairman Bertalan Tóth, at the meeting of Central European left-wing, social democratic party chairs in Visegrád on Thursday.
The host socialist party leader recalled that forces are co-operating against European integration and cooperation, who, citing extreme populist ideas and building their own home-country power, turn against European integration. That is why we have created the Alliance of Pro-Europe Forces in Hungary, to fight together to ensure that European policy is about cooperation and deeper integration and not about bringing EU money home and letting friends and relatives spend it.
At the meeting of regional party chairs, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Croatian and Bulgarian participants discussed possible common positions on the EU budget after 2020 and urged joint action to maintain the intensity of agricultural and cohesion subsidies. They consulted on joining the European Public Prosecutor's Office, strengthening Frontex and the crisis of labor emigration.
Bertalan Tóth said that their common goal is to get mandates for as many regional pro-Europe MEPs in the EP elections as possible, therefore, election preparations and campaigns shall be aligned. He pointed out that if the extremists and populists shall form a network, then pro-Europe forces have to join forces and align strategies, too.