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2018. december 03. 18:35

CEU “mopped out” of Hungary

CEU “mopped out” of Hungary
In the opinion of the Hungarian Socialist Party, CEU (Central-European University) was "mopped out” of Hungary.
At a press conference in Budapest on Monday, István Hiller stated the above as a reaction to CEU’s announcement that in September 2019, they will launch all US-accredited programs in Vienna.
The Socialist vice-president of the National Assembly said: the university's move is not surprising but sad and logical considering the events of the past weeks. The politician who spoke about the "Victory Day of Destruction" stated that verdict on the institution's case was already returned and a half years ago with the proposed amendment to the Higher Education Act. The sentence was passed sooner than trial was held, he said.
“It was not a professional matter for a minute, but a matter of politics," he said. “The university did everything the Hungarian Government and the amended Higher Education Act required of it," he emphasized.
This case is more than an infringement of academic and research freedom," Hiller pointed out. “On Monday, an institution recognized by an allied country was expelled from Hungary: something that has not happened here since the change of regime," he added.
If, in diplomacy, an unwanted person is called “persona non grata,” on Monday a new term was born: the government introduced the concept of "unwanted university, “ or “universitas non grata."

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