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2018. december 10. 23:52

Obstruction against Increased Working Hours

Obstruction against Increased Working Hours
Opposition caucuses are planning parliamentary obstruction because of the Fidesz Labor Code amendment proposal on increasing working hours.
At a press conference in Budapest on Monday, MSZP Chairman and caucus leader Bertalan Tóth announced that "in the interest of the public, as part of a national strategic goal" 2800 amendment proposals were submitted jointly by the opposition for the National Assembly’s Monday session, which Parliament will have to vote on individually.
 He said they want to make sure that the day’s agenda does not get accepted as it includes the “slave law”, a government bill on amending the Labor Code.
“Let Fidesz Members learn what it is like when you need to work overtime," he added.
He claimed that Fidesz wants Parliament to adopt a law, which makes Hungarian workers fully vulnerable to employers. “The government must have made a secret pact with multinational companies and foreign capital, therefore Hungarian workers have to work one more day a week,” he elaborated.
Co-Chair and caucus leader of of Párbeszéd (Dialogue) Tímea Szabó said should the law be adopted by Parliament regardless, they would jointly turn to the Constitutional Court and the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg because the debate on the law did not comply with the relevant regulations.
She added that the day all this took place happened to be the World Day of Human Rights that Viktor Orbán and his government wished to celebrate in a way that they enslave millions of Hungarian workers.
In her view, ordering 400 hours of overtime practically means that Fidesz-KDNP introduces a mandatory working day on Saturdays.
Deputy caucus leader of the Democratic Coalition (DK) Gergely Arató also believes that due to the parliamentary debate, the law will be legally invalid and it should not be decided on anyway until the parliamentary committee on justice issues a position on the matter. The committee, however, keeps delaying the task, the Christian Democratic chairman of the body has asked for a supplement to the proposal for formal reasons, he explained. “If this is the way Parliament adopts the law, it will be an invalid, fraudulent, fake law,” he asserted.
He argued that the "slave law" is a declaration of the total failure of the economic policy of Viktor Orbán. Employees are fleeing from Hungary, so it is necessary to exploit those who remain here, he said.
Independent Member of Parliament Bernadett Szél stressed that the opposition will do its utmost to ensure that the governing parties “cannot dismiss” this bill quickly before the Christmas holidays. She explained that the work order is defined by the employer; volunteering at the workplace happens at blood donations at best.
Representatives were asked what they thought about LMP supporting independent Budapest Mayor Candidate Róbert Puzsér.
Bertalan Tóth, Gergely Arató and Tímea Szabó unanimously support the concept of a single joint nominee. Bertalan Tóth stated for the record that MSZP is committed to the notion of a pre-selection, and Róbert Puzsér is welcome to it. 
Gergely Arató said that DK finds it very unfortunate that a party-based "dodge-em" has started on Saturday, stating that it does not comply with the demands of opposition voters.
Bernadett Szél was asked to comment on her former party, LMP's decision, which she dismissed by saying that she was not dealing with party politics at the time as the week was all about the "slave law."

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