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2018. december 11. 18:04

Manfred Weber Should Immediately Apologize to Hungarian people!

Manfred Weber Should Immediately Apologize to Hungarian people!
"I would like to remind everyone that I voted against Hungary in the Article 7 vote. Not against Fidesz, nor Viktor Orbán, but against the whole country! "- these are today’s words of caucus leader of the EPP Party and the top European right-wing candidate Manfred Weber. This is more than a scandal! This is a shameful statement! The European top candidate, supported by Fidesz, acknowledges that because of the crimes of the Hungarian government he was trying to punish an entire nation, a whole country. This is outrageous! Manfred Weber must immediately apologize to Hungarian people!
Earlier, another wright-wing EPP leader of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker also insulted Hungarians with an insensitive statement on the anniversary of Transylvania's annex to Romania, and now Manfred Weber has offended Hungary at large. We find this absolutely intolerable! Enough of the offensive statements of Fidesz's allies!
At next May’s EP elections, the time will finally come to replace the European right wing that keeps covering for the Hungarian government’s crimes and trust the MSZP-Párbeszéd (Socialist-Dialogue) pro-Europe alliance with the real European representation of Hungarian people.

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