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Prime Minister Lies, Does Not Talk About Reality

Prime Minister Lies, Does Not Talk About Reality
According to MSZP and Dialogue, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán lied, not speaking about Hungarian reality at his Thursday press conference. The two opposition parties are launching a pro-Europe "Hungarian patriot" campaign against the anti-Europe campaign of the government, as it was stated at the joint press conference of co-chair and caucus leader of Dialogue Tímea Szabó and Socilaist MEP István Ujhelyi on Thursday in Budapest.

Tímea Szabó said that Viktor Orbán continuously lied at this year's first government info, while not talking about the real situation of Hungarian healthcare, education and wages.

The opposition politician said that, while the Prime Minister claims there is zero tolerance for corruption, according to all international surveys, corruption is flourishing in Hungary. She said it was telling that the premier did not answer the questions on how a gas repairman Lőrinc Mészáros became the richest man in Hungary last year.

She also pointed out that the only time Viktor Orbán does not deal with business is when it comes to his own family and pals.

She warned that the rate of one-person procurements is still above 35 percent, which is a higher figure than before 2010.

According to Tímea Szabó, Hungarians working abroad did not leave the country for adventure or language learning, but because they did not find a job at home and their labor rights were weak.

In connection to amending the Labor Code she noted: 85 percent of Hungarians condemn the "slave law," however, Viktor Orbán neglects them. In her opinion, the head of government favored his own oligarchs and major foreign investors by introducing this law.

Dialogue and MSZP will continue to fight for the change of government as well as the withdrawal of the slave law, she said.

According to István Ujhelyi's assessment, Viktor Orbán started his EP campaign, “a sweaty attempt” to override the demands of “the street”, and this is why he failed to mention the “slave law.”

He said the MSZP and Dialogue are starting a pro-Europe campaign against the anti-Europe Orbán-government.

He stressed that they did not support illegal migration. The EU does not want to force refugees, migrants or illegal settlers in Hungary, but its values, democracy and the resources that have already enriched Hungary on the path of development, he said.

According to István Ujhelyi, Hungarian people only fear illegal immigrants because Viktor Orbán has been lying to them for months about there being an emergency situation. The real emergency situation is not knowing whether Europe or Orbanistan  will be our future, he said.

In response to a question, Tímea Szabó said that there were no consultations going on between opposition parties regarding a joint EP list.

István Ujhelyi, who is also the head of the MSZP EP campaign said the opposition forces had not discussed a joint EP list but a joint mobilization campaign, calling on all pro-Europe Hungarians to support common European values.

In his assessment, Viktor Orbán's press conference also revealed that the prime minister was as afraid of the cooperation of the opposition as the "devil fears the smoke of incense." “If he is afraid, it confirms to the opposition that they are on the right track,” he said.

Tímea Szabó pointed out that MSZP-Dialogue believes that in the EP elections the opposition could be a real challenge to Fidesz-KDNP if it they were to run a joint list, but they do not want to halt the opposition unity by debating this.

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