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Why Doesn't the Postman Ring?

Why Doesn't the Postman Ring?
At a Budapest press conference on Monday, socialist chair of the Public Welfare Committee of the National Assembly Lajos Korózs said that there were still tens of thousands of people who had not received their pensions despite the promise made by the Hungarian State Treasury on Friday.
"No one should mess with pensioners' money,” he said. He added that by Friday morning, when the banks opened, the money should have been on the account of more than one million people.
He drew attention to the fact that widows' pensions, orphanage and accident annuities were not transferred in time, either.
According to Dialogue MP Olivio Kocsis-Cake, in April 2018, Fidesz was commissioned to operate the state. “The state did not work on Friday, it did not perform its most basic duty, it could not pay out pensions for a while,” he said.
He said Dialogue also finds the public’s information about the issue unacceptable. If the government knew in advance that it would be a problem, it would have had to stand before the people and inform pensioners about the late payment," he pointed out. In his view, the government should have taken precautionary measures, and, through the local governments, it should have ensured that those who were in need would be given food packages or other types of care.
He also criticized that the government did not apologize to pensioners. He said they would address a question in writing to the relevant ministry asking why the payment was overdue, what the consequences would be, when will an investigation be launched and what the guarantee was that this would not happen again.

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