2019. január 24. 16:38

Primary Election of Left-wing Opposition Mayor Candidates to be Held Next Week

MSZP (Socilaists), DK (Democratic Coalition), Párbeszéd (Dialogue) and Szolidaritás (Solidarity) will hold their primary election of the joint candidate for the Mayor of Budapest from next Monday to Sunday.
The members of the primary election committee of the parties’ representatives presented the voting process at a press conference held in Budapest on Thursday.
Gergely Őrsi said, Csaba Horváth of the Socialists and Gergely Karácsony, the candidate for Dialogue, both collected the at least two thousand recommendations necessary to run. He said he was delighted that about 12,000 recommendations came in for the two candidates. He said voters would be able to submit their votes personally at 33 locations around the city: in tents set up at seven in popular spots and in twenty-six party offices.
Gergely Őrsi commented that over 1,400 people had indicated in advance that they wanted to vote electronically.
Olivio Kocsis-Cake (Dialogue) said the number of recommendations shows that people are interested in the primary election. He said, while iin Fidesz we were accustomed to have the leader decide who should become what," on the left the identity of the mayor candidate shall be decided through democratic election, respecting the rival.
Norbert Élő (DK) says that the 12,000 recommendations received indicate that "Budapest does not like the Orbán-system" and would replace Mayor István Tarlós. The politician of DK hopes that with the success of the joint candidate, Budapest can become the city of "freedom, solidarity and love" again.
Andrea Huszti (Solidarity), just like those who spoke before her, asked voters in Budapest to participate in the primary election in as great a number as possible.
Responding to questions, Gergely Őrsi explained that based on almost definitive data, Csaba Horváth submitted 6,465 recommendations, while Gergely Karácsony 5,300 recommendations. At the same time, he noted that, just like with parliamentary elections, it is not worthwhile to draw conclusions on the final results based on these figures.

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