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Fidesz Cannot Contain Itself: Votes For Corruption Again in EP

Fidesz Cannot Contain Itself: Votes For Corruption Again in EP
The European Parliament's Strasbourg plenary session adopted the Marinescu-report (made by a deputy chair of the Christian-Democratic European People's Party group) on the protection of the financial interests of the European Union and on the prevention of fraud with an overwhelming majority yesterday.
The document supports and urges the establishment of a common European Public Prosecutor's Office, more rigorous action against fraud affecting the EU budget, and greater transparency of the public procurement system.
Among the members of the European People's Party, only Fidesz representatives abstained from voting; they did not support the adoption of the report. The Fidesz MEPs serving the Orbán-regime have again admitted that they are on the side of fraud, the theft of EU money and corruption. The only exception was Lívia Járóka, who supported the document, while the senior member of the group, József Szájer, as he always bravely does in tougher cases, did not press any button.
The behavior of Fidesz MEPs hardly comes as a surprise since according to the latest reports, Hungary has become one of the most corrupt countries in the European Union in the past seven years. While the Orbán-government is pursuing an anti-European hate campaign from European public money, European funds are fattening their own interests and family businesses. Meanwhile the country's interests would dictate that Hungary join the institution of the European Public Prosecutor's Office without delay and investigate the serious abuses of the past years and the outrageous stealing of EU funds.
The Fidesz MEPs serving the Orbán-system once again stood on the side of the thief government and corruption instead of the interests of the Hungarian people. In the May EP elections, we can also voice our opinion and judgment on all of this! Stop Orbán!
István Ujhelyi
Brussels, 01/29/2010

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