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Socialists Have Municipalities Adopt Pro-Europe Manifesto

Socialists Have Municipalities Adopt Pro-Europe Manifesto
MSZP representatives and mayors are submitting a common pro-Europe manifesto to each local government under the title “United for a European Hungary,” announced Socialist MEP István Ujhelyi and the party’s Hajdúdorog mayor Tamás Csige at today's conference of the Left-wing Local Government Community (BÖK), where nearly fifty left-wing local government representatives and leaders consulted on their tasks for 2019.
At the press conference held during the break of the Hajdúdorog event, the two politicians said that Hungary is celebrating the fifteenth anniversary of its accession to the European Union, while recent growth, results and developments all indicate that our country indisputably belongs to the European community.
István Ujhelyi also said that left-wing leaders have a duty to represent Hungarian pro-Europe voters and European values, and therefore formulated a five-point manifesto that sets out the principles that not only socialists but also the entire opposition, as well as "all well-meaning Fidesz voters" can support and represent.
The five-point document presented at the BÖK conference states that Hungary’s place is in the European Union and therefore rejects any attempt to question that or even weaken our position in the European community. 
The second point of the manifesto makes it clear that they support the establishment of the foundations of a social Europe, thereby strengthening social rights, guaranteeing equal opportunities and equity in the labor market. The manifesto also declares the need to join the European Public Prosecutor's Office as soon as possible.
In response to lying government propaganda, the document states that they reject illegal migration, adding that the security of the citizens of Hungary and the Union can only be guaranteed by common European solutions. According to the fifth point of the document, they want to protect and strengthen the European representation of Hungarian national identity, but also the Hungarian representation of over half a million Hungarian emigrants.
Vice-president of the Left-Wing Local Government Community Mayor Csige Tamás added that the five-point manifesto will be handed over by the left-wing mayors and representatives to their respective councils, but any further municipal councils in favor of Hungary's EU membership will be invited to accept the document.
István Ujhelyi then announced at the press conference that in two weeks, on Saturday, MSZP will host the European Parliamentary election campaign launching conference, where they will adopt the "Homeland, Love, Europe" election program and decide on the EP list of the Socialists.
Hajdúdorog, 2019-02-02

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