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Aiming to Create a Collaborative Europe without Hatred

Aiming to Create a Collaborative Europe without Hatred
Leader of the MSZP EP list Bertalan Tóth presented the “Homeland. Love.Europe.” program at a press conference on Monday in Budapest.
He said that it is primarily the interests of the Hungarian people that must be represented in the EU, which is why the word “Homeland” is in title of their program. “Love” means that national interests must be represented not by hatred but by cooperation and openness. And, of course, Hungary's place is in “Europe,” concluded the justification of the program’s title.
Bertalan Tóth tore up the printed version of a poster depicting businessman George Soros and Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission, saying he wanted to demonstrate the kind of Europe they would not wish to see.
In his view, Fidesz makes statements that lack any basis of reality and wants to obtain a mandate with hatred based on the deepest fears of people. 
MSZP imagines a Europe that is about people, implements the social Europe program, i.e. actually eases the everyday lives of European citizens, said the party chairman.
There is a need for European standard education and healthcare he added. He said, they wanted a Europe where the rights of laborers and trade unions are protected by common regulations and there can be no instances of multinational corporations or western capitalists ordering Hungarian legislations.
Tóth proposed a standard EU regulation for minimum wages and minimum pensions and a housing program for young newlyweds.
In addition to the importance of border protection, Bertalan Tóth emphasized the protection of human rights and initiated Hungary's accession to the EU Public Prosecutor's Office.
He said Europe needs to create an economic environment that is not aimed at growth, but uses growth as a means of ensure the welfare of European citizens.
MSZP MEP István Ujhelyi, runner-up on the party's EP list, pointed out that Fidesz' most recent EP election program was published in 2009 and that the larger government party now, ten years later, represents the exact opposite of its contents.
The politician characterized the program of the Socialists as “patriotic.” He stated that patriotism and Europeanism are not opposites, but complementary terms. Only a Hungary in a strong and united EU can fight global challenges, he said, adding that who is against this is "the enemy of the homeland." “The fact is, the Orbán government is driving Hungary out of Europe,” he claimed.
According to István Ujhelyi, Orbán’s politics causes tangible damage to Hungary while negotiations on the next EU budget are ongoing. How does Viktor Orbán wish to fight for the interests of Hungarians, if even his own “people's party is trying to get rid of him,” he asked.
MSZP MEP Tibor Szanyi ranked third on the list named the assurance of social rights as one of the important objectives of the next EU cycle.
The European minimum wage and pension does not mean that a Luxembourg gas station attendant’s pension will be the same as a Bulgarian farmer’s, he pointed out. He explained that it is necessary to look at the economic level of the country compared to the norms of which the minimum wage and the minimum pension can be established. In Hungary, the European minimum pension should be HUF 116, 000 instead of the current 28,000, he added.
He called for a reduction in VAT as well as equality between men and women. He suggested the implementation of the smart village program, which would increase the welfare of locals by community applications of digital achievements.
MSZP national board member, ranked fourth on the list, Kata Tüttő named the assurance of a healthy home, clean air, and high quality food as an important goal. “Today, over 80 million Europeans live in moldy, not well-heated and cooled homes," she said. She continued by explaining that wished to work for achieving that these homes be renovated also to serve EU environmental goals.
Representative of the Independent Student Parliament Dániel Kálló, currently at the fifth place on the MSZP EP list, urged the introduction of lifelong learning as well as the provision of youth housing and action against unemployment.
Bertalan Tóth confirmed that MSZP and Dialogue would have a common list. Responding to a question he said that they would sit down with Dialogue this week and finalize the list, which would then have to be approved by the competent bodies of both parties.
Answering another question, the party chairman called it a symbolic decision that he led the MSZP list, although he would not go to the EP. His position as the leader of the list means that MSZP is participating in the campaign with full dedication, he explained.