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MSZP Takes Trade Unions' Call to Strike to Public Service Workers

MSZP Takes Trade Unions' Call to Strike to Public Service Workers
MSZP shall bring the trade unions’ call to strike to public service workers with the help of their activists, announced the deputy chairman of the opposition party at a press conference in Budapest on Monday.
Deputy Chairman of the opposition party Imre Komjáthi started the campaign action himself by taking the flyer for the strike of 14 March on the "Civil Service Slave Law" to the so-called government window on Andrássy Avenue in Budapest and handing over to their staff members.
Prior to this, the politician presented the trade union demands at a press conference in front of the building. “Trade unions want to achieve immediate wage increases, reinstating the five days of paid holidays they just took away, less overtime, compensation for overtime, reintroduction of flexible working hours, inclusion of lunchtime in working hours, recognition of working years and experience, restoration of trade union rights and the possibility of early retirement," he said.
The deputy chairman said MSZP calls on its activists and members to go to local land offices and district authorities and take them the strike note personally so that it gets to as many places as possible.
Imre Komjáthi also responded to what Fidesz MEP Tamás Deutsch said in a recent interview: “The majority of Hungarian laborers happily volunteer to work more than 40 hours a week.” According to the Socialist politician, the odds are high that the Fidesz representative "shares words of wisdom” in a way that he has never worked a minute of overtime in his life. He added that Hungarian people do not work more out of passion; they work more because of a lack of staff, a lot of work that needs to be done. In addition, a ten thousand forint fine now haunts public service workers, if they do not close a case on time.
On 12 December last year, Parliament passed the Government Administration Act, which, among other things, changed the rules of working time for government officials, reduced the number of paid holidays and settled their wages.

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