2019. március 12. 20:27

Tom and Jerry

Of course, none of these good-for-nothing characters ever come up with the idea to do something constructive that would make the "house" bigger, stronger or richer, where all of us would have a better life. Weber, on the other hand, set conditions, and now he had negotiations in Budapest on how to get away with everything.
Should the posters disappear? Bingo! We can rest assured that the posters that bash Soros and Juncker will not remain on the billboards until the end of time. So this is ticked off.
Should Orbán apoligize? To whom? Juncker? Soros maybe? Verhofstadt? Sargentini? To Hungarian women? To our crippled country? To Timmermans, maybe, who wasn't really bashed yet? An opportunity arises here: "I'm sorry, dear People’s Party, I don't apologize to migrants!" So this can easily be put to rest, too.
Should CEU stay? Of which there is exactly two, more precisely, once upon a time there was a Central European University in Hungary, which has now emigrated to Vienna, but the twin brother remained in Bidapest, the Central European University, however,  according to the interpreter, both are Zentraleuropäische Universität, so this also comes to a halt.
Until May 26, obviously nothing irreversible will happen in this circus, save some further rounds of threats and a bit of temporary this and that. Actually, the solution could be if the housewife with thick legs in the cartoon, in our case, the "voter" himself, would throw both clowns out of the house as they do with cats that are about to…
Provided we want a social Europe.
Tibor Szanyi

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