2019. március 14. 23:12

According to the People's Party, Europe must be defended against the Putin Plan

According to the MSZP faction leader, there should have been more to Manfred Weber's visit to Budapest, as there are more serious problems in Hungary than a bashing poster campaign.
On Wednesday, Tamás Harangozó also said that according to the People's Party, Europe must not be defended against the Soros Plan but the Putin Plan.
At the press conference in Budapest, the opposition politician said that there was little information about the visit of the EPP faction leader and top candidate on Tuesday, and while the Soros-Juncker posters disappeared, it was really only from Manfred Weber’s path in Budapest.
This alone demonstrates, he continued, the pathetic North Korean methods used by Orbán and the degree to which they see Weber and the European People's Party as “useful idiots.”
He pointed out that Viktor Orbán did not apologize for the bashing campaign and that, in his opinion, he would not do so later, either. With regards to the CEU case, he said: Orbán’s guideline is the directive in this matter, according to which one should not pay attention to what he says, but what he does.
According to him, Manfred Weber knows very well that there are more serious problems in Hungary than the bashing poster campaign, as he voted for the Sargentini-report on Hungarian rule of law.
Tamás Harangozó pointed out that the European Parliament (EP) adopted a document prepared by a member of the People's Party on Tuesday, which states that Russia cannot be regarded any longer as a strategic partner of the EU. He said the report was voted for by Fidesz MEPs, condemning Orbán and his government. He also mentioned the extradition of two Russian arms dealers to Russia as opposed to the United States and allowing the Russian International Investment Bank to settle in Budapest.
According to Weber's group, it is not the Soros-, but the Putin-Plan that Europe must be defended against, he concluded, noting that the Hungarian Prime Minister was obviously the implementer of the latter.
The socialist politician said that the Hungarian people had the right to know that they are being deceived by Orbán and Fidesz, who request authorization for serving their own and foreign political and economic powers in the EP elections as opposed to defending European Christian democracy and reforming Europe.
“MSZP wants to put an end to this madness with their "Homeland.  Love. Europe." Program and with their EP list," he said.
When asked to comment on the fact that the Attorney General was initiates the suspension of the immunity of Gergely Farkas (Jobbik) from prosecution, Tamás Harangozó said he would not comment on this specific case for lack of information on the details. At the same time, he considered it absurd that in recent times, an opposition representative in Hungary  could commit election fraud.
He also said that there was only one MP in Parliament, Miklós Simon (Fidesz), whose immunity was not suspended by the Fidesz majority, so he got away without a procedure in a public law case.

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