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Viktor Orbán Feels Better Among Dictators than in the European People's Party

Viktor Orbán Feels Better Among Dictators than in the European People's Party
When Viktor Orbán wants stronger nation states and weaker European co-operation, he forgets that both world wars were launched by strong nation states - said former foreign minister László Kovács.
According to former EU Commissioner and former foreign minister László Kovács, it is not common for a governing party to be suspended in his own party group, but at the same time he believes that the suspension of Fidesz is not surprising, as this Fidesz is no longer the party it used to be when it was admitted by the People's Party. Due to the politics of Viktor Orbán, not only Fidesz would not be admitted by the People's Party, but Hungary would not be able to join the European Union.
The former EU Commissioner pointed out that the Union is a community based on the same set of values ​​and with those who refuse to accept and adhere to this, sooner or later the question arises as to whether they can remain a member of this community. In his opinion, this is what happened to Fidesz now.
The Socialist politician recalled how Viktor Orbán had previously summarized Fidesz's policy: "We showed the door to the Soviets and opened the door to the West."  According to lászló Kovács the exact opposite is the case today as the prime minister keeps on attacking Western democracy, while feeling good among dictators and in "Putin's lap." 
László Kovács said that in the interest of Europe they are in talks with European left-wing parties, including the German Social Democrats, whose leader of the EP list, the current Minister of Justice, Katarina Barley, will visit Hungary on Monday.

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