2019. március 29. 11:46

Tibor Szanyi: Big Business Still Winning, Unfortunately

Tibor Szanyi: Big Business Still Winning, Unfortunately
In today's vote in Strasbourg, the European Parliament has not only decided to abolish daylight saving time from 2021, but also issues that have been the subject of fierce demonstrations in recent times, such as copyright legislation in the Internet age.
“I sadly note that the majority of the EP today continues to advocate neoliberal solutions and outsources state tasks to please large corporations. As I said earlier, the left-wing approach is very much in favor of a fair share for creators from the profits of the works they create, but is opposed to large Internet companies and platforms using machines and artificial intelligence to filter content intended for publishing, moreover, in advance."
The EP has been able to consider many relevant solutions in recent years and months. The 317 yay and 312 nay votes given to the most controversial part of the conservatively tuned proposal that has just been tabled are good signs of division, which does not help to build a regulation based on consensus.
“For my part, I supported the minority position, which is mainly flanked by the interests of young generations that excel in Internet usage. I am convinced that paving the way of the future will not work with the unrestricted guarantee of the freedom of big business, if only because large corporations that often have a messy ownership background have pushed our world into unsustainability, companies that not only avoid the payment tax, but now we grant them licenses to the further constraint of the human mind. Is it time for voters to decide if this is right for them. On 26 May, we can stop the conservative pressure.”

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