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2019. április 12. 16:49

May 26th: New Referendum on Our EU Membership

May 26th: New Referendum on Our EU Membership
Fidesz politicizes against the will of Hungarians, because it questions the future and existence of the European community, said Bertalan Tóth. István Ujhelyi compared the stakee of the May EP election to the importance of the 2003 referendum on EU accession.
16 years ago Hungary made a decision: 84 percent of voters in the referendum supported joining the European Union. This is an important date, as Hungarians decided to join the EU community of values and catch up with Western countries, said Bertalan Tóth at his press conference on Friday. The president of the MSZP explained that time has since proved the righteousness of the decision, but Fidesz questions this with its current policy. Fidesz's membership has been suspended in the largest European party group which forecasts the possibility of the tragedy that Hungary might drift out of the community it wanted to join. “Fidesz is politicizing against the will of people. The decisions and statements that question the future of this community go against the will of Hungarians.” In summary, he said the red-green coalition of MSZP and Dialogue was created to represent the interests of Hungarian people in the European Parliament: to stand by the will, which has been incessantly supporting Hungary being a member of the European Union for the past 16 years. ”
István Ujhelyi went on to say that the MSZP campaign bus reached  hundreds of settlements in the past few days, he himself was in thirty settlements, met with thousands of people, collected tens of thousands of recommendations and people supported MSZP’s petition advocating Hungary’s EU membership without exception, he explained. He said the Hungarian population has risen they now see how the country might drift out of the EU thanks to Orbán’s policy.
He recalled Viktor Orbán’s words of a few years ago, that there was life outside the European Union. This was then considered to be a slip of the tongue, but judging by the politics of recent years, today it has become a reality and Orbán's strategy. "If he cannot adjust and color the EU to his own dictatorial image, then he will draw the Hungarian community out of it personally." That is why May 26th is extraordinarily significant: it is a referendum about where we want to continue to live. In the EP election, we must make a decision, choose Europe or Orbánistan. For our pro-Europe alliance, the answer is clear: "The party of Gyula Horn brought Hungary into the European Union and today's MSZP will keep the Hungarian community inside EU that provides safety for us," he concluded.