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Why Did Fidesz Vote for Corruption in the EP?

Why Did Fidesz Vote for Corruption in the EP?
István Ujhelyi does not understand why Fidesz alone in Europe is afraid of the harmonization of the operation of the EU Anti-Fraud Office and the European Public Prosecutor’s Office. In any case, their representatives did not vote for it in the European Parliament.
“Why did Fidesz in the European Parliament not vote in favor of the proposal linking the operation of the EU Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) with the activities of the European Public Prosecutor's Office?” asked István Ujhelyi at his forum in Zalaegerszeg. With regards to the resolution adopted on Tuesday, the Socialist MEP drew attention to the fact that Orbán’s party group, the European People's Party faction and the leftist parties all supported it, with the exception of Fidesz's representatives. He recalled that it was exactly OLAF that investigated the unlawful operation of Eilos, which won the public lighting tenders of municipalities in Hungary and happens to be the company of Orbán’s son-in-law.
He also warned that this EU organization has the right to investigate in Hungary; it was the Hungarian Public Prosecutor's Office which did not consider it appropriate to do so in the Elios-case. “Why is Fidesz afraid that the European Union’s Anti-Fraud Office and its Public Prosecutor’s Officewill work together?  It is only about the European Union wanting the resources it provides to be used properly by the Hungarian government.”
Ujhelyi shared one of his experiences at his forum when talking about the fear overcoming the country, which is unacceptable in a democracy. One of their local supporters asked them if it were possible not to sign the MSZP form in front of the Town Hall, because they were afraid of retaliation. Finally, he emphasized that, today, those who really love their country, want to keep it in the European Union. This is what MSZP struggles for.

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