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"Fidesz Circles Getting Richer, Laborers Cannot Even Make Ends Meet"

"Fidesz Circles Getting Richer, Laborers Cannot Even Make Ends Meet"
At his forum in Eger, Bertalan Tóth explained how Hungarians working for their livelihood, who are unable to pay their bills at the end of the month, do not experience anything from the government's success propaganda. However, they see that Orbán's money collector Lőrinc Mészáros is slowly becoming the richest man in the world.
"We can day after day, that there are success stories communicated by the government and then there is reality," said Bertalan Tóth at his press conference in Eger. The MSZP president quoted Friday's news that 84 doctors at Péterfy Hospital cancelled their overtime agreement due to low pay and undignified working conditions. He also added that according to the recent data of the CSO, the salary of two-thirds of Hungarian employees is below the national average salary. “Hundreds of thousands of people work in a way that they cannot ensure a living at the end of the month or pay their bills. Meanwhile, we hear about the great development in the economic sector,” he continued. He said he thought Hungarian people experienced nothing of this, only that the prime minister's son-in-law carries out a public lighting project from EU funds; Fidesz-based entrepreneurs are stealing EU subsidies, and, as he put it, Lőrinc Mészáros is slowly becoming the richest man in the world, who collects these funds on behalf of the prime minister. "The benefits of an economy expanding from European Union funds are mostly collected by an entrepreneur circle close to Fidesz, while millions of people live in a vulnerable position," he said. He also commented on Friday's news that linked to a Fidesz MP and former communications head of the government party Máté Kocsis, who said politicians were no longer the true opponents of Fidesz, but journalists were.
The stake of the EP election of 26 May, he highlighted, was which way Europe would be going. On the path that Orbán and Salvini want it to go on or the path of cooperation. “Remember! There was a Europe of nation states. We know where it led. For seventy years now, the European Union has ensured peace and development on the continent.” That is why MSZP has formulated its “Homeland, Love, Europe!” program, which will help Hungarian people make a decent living by introducing a European minimum wage, pension and family allowance. It also states that EU rules are also to guarantee the secure livelihood of Europeans, including Hungarians. That is why as many pro-Europe representatives are needed in the European Parliament as possible who reject any extremist endeavors that Orbán threatens the European community with. "Our politics is about cooperation and freedom," Bertalan Tóth emphasized.

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