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Bertalan Tóth: Much More Could be Spent on Health and Education if Fidesz would Not Take Off its Cut

Bertalan Tóth: Much More Could be Spent on Health and Education if Fidesz would Not Take Off its Cut
Already a lot more EU funds would be available for Hungarian healthcare, education and the improvement of working conditions if Fidesz did not operate a state-organized corruption network, said Bertalan Tóth, president of MSZP on ATV on Tuesday.
"The biggest problem is that these resources should be used for healthcare, they should already be spent on education and appear in the improvement of working conditions, but what we see is that by the time these sums reach their destination, they have gone through the filter where Fidesz's background people take their cut off ” he said in the  television program “Straightforward Talk” on ATV.
As an example, he mentioned many educational tenders, which were ultimately implemented in the “most minimal way” due to overpricing and multi-million forint consultancy fees.
This is why MSZP and all opposition parties support Hungary’s joining the European Public Prosecutor's Office, he said.
"We want to convince EU decision-makers to monitor the use of these resources, and if need be, we even support the linkage of EU subsidies to the rule of law criteria, because the elimination of the rule of law is what enables Fidesz to operate this state-organized corruption network.”
He said that the European Public Prosecutor's Office would not exercise authority over the Hungarian Public Prosecutor's Office, but it could initiate proceedings before the Hungarian courts regarding the use of EU funds. OLAF, which also controls the use of EU funds, cannot initiate proceedings. In spite of the fact that it brought evidence before the Hungarian Public Prosecutor's Office, for example in the case of Elios, the investigation was still terminated.
Another aspect that tends to get ignored is that the European Public Prosecutor's Office plays an important role in the fight against terrorism.
"And this is what the Fidesz-government does not wish to join," he said.
"Fidesz is not interested in maintaining and deepening cooperation, because it would become clearer how they simply take EU funds home, and that is not at all in their interest."
The presenter asked about the opposition cooperation and about a quote from MSZP EP election campaign chief István Ujhelyi who asked Jobbik to be a "brother-in-arms."
Toth reiterated that he was always a supporter of co-operation, and that there should be a common opposition list against the Fidesz EP list. Eventually, MSZP found its partner in this endeavor, Dialogue, while other opposition parties are partly competitors, partly allies.
However, cooperation with Jobbik is nothing new, as the entire opposition has launched a joint fight against the slave law. There are local communities where hopeful co-operation has taken place for the municipal elections and they are also fighting together for the purity of the elections.
At present, all parties are recruiting activists and polling delegates, who will be trained jointly. There will also be consultations ensuring that there be opposition delegates  in all polling stations, with the involvement of civil organizations.

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