2019. május 11. 07:41

"Orbán Wants to Revive Darkness of World Wars"

According to Dávid Bihal, the prime minister did not learn from the terrible tragedies of world wars that took place twice in a century’s time. Hence Bihal advised politicians that want to break the unity of Europe to visit a military cemetery or a world war memorial.
The European Union brought 70-75 years of prosperity and peace to the continent and members of the community, for which there was no previous example, recalled Richárd Barabás the a historic process full of wars and battles that ultimately lead to the formation of a European political community. The spokesperson of Dialogue held a press conference together with Dávid Bihal, member of the MSZP presidential board on the commemoration of the end of World War II, near the capital's monument paying tribute to the victims.
Barabás explained that the European Union is one of the strongest economic entities in the world besides the United States and China. Therefore, whoever wants to build a successful Hungary in the period of globalization, climate change and social and economic turbulence is interested in a united and strong European Union. Thus, when Viktor Orbán meets extremist populist politicians such as Matteo Salvini, he is not only against European integration and breaks political unity, but constantly, persistently and determinedly acts against the interests of Hungarian people. According to MSZP-Dialogue, a unified, peaceful Europe is needed, albeit with reforms, with Hungary included in it,” he said.
Dávid Bihal suggested that anyone who wants to break the unity of Europe should go to a military cemetery or a world war memorial in his area; there are plenty of them everywhere around the country. Referring to Tuesday's written high school graduation exam in history, he noted that most students were more familiar with history than Viktor Orbán. Due to the questions become public before the exam, he called for the resignation of Minister Miklós Kásler. He stated that only the European Union can guarantee the peace and security of Europe. He recalled that the terrible tragedy of World War II happened twice in one century, demanding the lives of hundreds of thousands of Hungarian victims, but today in Europe, Viktor Orbán wants to revive the same darkness. "It is no wonder he plays ball with the enemies of Europe, politicians who are specifically preparing to break the unity of Europe," he said.
At the end of the press conference, Richárd Barabás and Dávid Bihal paid tribute to the victims of World War II with a flower each and saluted European peace and unity.

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