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2019. május 12. 08:05

Orbán Prepares to Become European Far Right Flag-bearer in Our Name

Orbán is preparing for the role of European far right flag-bearer in Hungary’s name, said István Ujhelyi, MSZP EP Campaign Manager in the program “Straightforward Talk” on channel ATV on Friday.
"The Hungarian prime minister on behalf of Hungary, unfortunately, and this is a problem, in the name of Hungary, is preparing to become the flag-bearer of the European far right, those who are at home, in their own country, publicly considered neo-fascist parties, but their anti-Europe sentiments hold them together in one barn,” he said.
"This is where Hungary's Prime Minister is about to sit in, in our name," he added.
That is why it would have been good for Orbán to engage in an open debate with Frans Timmermans, the top candidate for the European Socialists, but he cowardly skipped the opportunity. Timmermans, however, who will help MSZP-Dialogue’s campaign again, next Saturday in Hungary, would have agreed to the debate with Orbán.
"Why not sit down for debate once one of Europe's top leaders is here and willing to sit down with him? O1GY (wordplay and reference to the meme O1G), Orbán is a coward,” Ujhelyi said.
Of course, Fidesz’ billboard campaign cannot be supported by real arguments, so there is no government politician that would go into debate about it, he himself had called at least six people to debate, but none of them agreed to it, always referring to lack of time. László Trócsányi, the top EP candidate for Fidesz did not agree to a debate with Bertalan Tóth, either.
"They cannot support the policy they are pursuing with arguments because they are caught up in a spiral of lies," Ujhelyi noted.
It cannot be said, however, that Orbán “does not play on this track."
 "The trouble is that he doesn't play fairly and his goals are not good for Hungary, either," he said.
When asked why Benedek Jávor, one of the most effective MEPs in the Left, was only on the fourth place of the list of the MSZP-Dialogue, Ujhelyi said that a very fair agreement had been reached between the two parties, and Jáavor had every chance of making it to the European Parliament again.
"Benedek Jávor will definitely be a MEP," he said firmly.
He added that they were campaigning together on a "daily basis", both of them had been awarded the title of MEP of the Year, while no one has been able to achieve this from Fidesz’ side in the past 5 years.
That is why they have initiated that the 21 current Hungarian MEPs evaluate their performance by explaining what they consider to be their most important issues. He found that government members had done nothing but represent the ever-changing Orbánian politics and “gone against” the EU's efforts.
"We have results that we can lay out on the table," he said, listing the "affairs" of socialist Tibor Szanyi: VAT reduction, the Smart Villages program, the community housing scheme; Jávor's energy and green programs and his own transport and tourism related work.
He responded to a question regarding Ákos Hadházy's writing in which the independent MEP wrote that once the EP election begins, the opposition “will again have it in written form” that they accept the rules of the game dictated by Fidesz.
"Opposition players should not enter into debate with one another," said Ujhelyi, but recalled that in the parliamentary election campaign, Hadházy, the then head of LMP, would have been able to prevent the current two-thirds of Fidesz. He also recalled that Hadházy also had a parliamentary mandate and MP credentials, so he also accepted the rules of the game.
At the same time, he said, "there is effective cooperation" between them, as a good half of the half a million signatures supporting Hungary joining the European Public Prosecutor's Office were collected and handed over to Hadhazy by activists of the MSZP-Dialogue alliance.

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