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2019. május 16. 15:03

Fidesz Can be Beaten by 2018 Election Turnout

Fidesz Can be Beaten by 2018 Election Turnout
If we succeed in reaching last year's election turnout figures, when 50,000 more voted against Orbán in total, more than half of the 21 EP mandates could be won by pro-Europe opposition forces, said István Ujhelyi.
Those will decide who will go to vote. Fidesz has an interest in mobilizing the Kubatov list while frothingat the mouth about the opposition parties, thereby discouraging opposition voters,” said István Ujhelyi at his Mosonmagyaróvár street forum. If on 26 May we can repeat the turnout of the 2018 parliamentary elections, when 50,000 people more voted against Fidesz, the opposition pro-Europe forces will be able to gain more than half of the 21 mandates, said the MSZP MEP. He recalled the 2014 EP election, when Fidesz was able to achieve outstanding results because disappointed opposition voters did not go to vote, while Orban's supporters were there. As a result, the representative group that follows Orban's interests was formed, but its members are unable to account for what they had spent their five-year term in office, said István Ujhelyi, adding: "We have to be there on 26 May and vote!"

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