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2019. május 22. 09:53

There Must be Consequences of the Strache-case in Hungary, too

There must be consequences of the Strache-case in Hungary, too, said MSZP EP election campaign chief István Ujhelyi on the program Start on channel ATV on Tuesday.
“It must reach us and there have to be consequences. (…) If nothing else, the political consequence that the Hungarian electorate starts thinking about what exactly they wish to give a mandate for to Viktor Orbán and Fidesz MEPs on 26 May,” he stressed.
"Obviously, the acquisition and transformation of the Hungarian newspaper market is the same crime as (…) in Austria, except it has not been investigated in Hungary," he claimed, recalling Heinrich Pecina, an Austrian businessman referred to by the former Austrian vice chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache in a secret conversation on Ibiza, as one who prepared a media environment for Orbán that he would like to create from Russian money for himself in Austria.
It is not clear what money Pecina used to buy up most of the Hungarian county papers and daily Népszabadság in Hungary; in any case, the latter was closed two days after Rogán's helicopter affair, and the entire portfolio went to a foundation classified as a national strategy. Then a separate law was created for this, "and we know exactly that Orbán is behind all this" Ujhelyi said.
“The whole thing was commissioned by Viktor Orbán for the sake of Viktor Orbán. That's what Strache himself says. (…) How obvious can you get? Not only did Strache speak against himself unwillingly, but also compromised Viktor Orbán,” he added.
However, as there is not much hope for an investigation to start in Hungary, Ujhelyi turned to the Austrian authorities to wrap-up the Hungarian thread after investigating Strache and Pecina.
“We, Hungarians, have the right to know what was said at the secret meeting of Orbán and Pecina last January in Vienna, a few months after the Ibiza party.” This took place already after Pecina was sentenced to suspended imprisonment in Austria and one day before Orbán would talk to Strache.
Ujhelyi said he had contacted the Austrian Social Democratic Party, preparing for governance, and held a meeting this week to act together on the matter.
He denied that this scandal would have an impact on the popularity of MSZP. Rather, the case is that more and more people see that MSZP with a rock solid place in the European Socialist Party group must have more mandates in the European Parliament, since it is not yet possible to know about Fidesz or the other opposition parties which party group they will join after the election, he said.

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