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2019. május 22. 09:55

Orbán Deeply Involved in Scandal Overthrowing Austrian Government

MSZP expects answers from the Prime Minister on how he got to know Heinrich Pecina, involved in the outbreak of the Austrian government crisis and when he agreed with him on transferring the ownership of the daily Népszabadság to Lőrinc Mészáros. They also want to know how deep Orbán was involved in the scandal leading to the resignation of the Austrian government, Tamás Harangozó said.
Viktor Orbán would like people to believe that the Strache-scandal is a domestic affair of Austria. However, we think that if the Hungarian Prime Minister's name emerges from a negotiation on abuse of power, open corruption offers and attacks on the free press, it is already a Hungarian domestic matter, said Tamás Harangozó at his Tuesday press conference. MSZP's deputy head of faction noted that Orbán neck is up to his eyes in the scandal that overthrew the entire Austrian government. His friend, the Austrian Vice Chancellor, fell into the trap of envying the Fidesz media empire that Orbán had created. Strache also wanted to silence critical voices, and would have created his own media by giving large-scale state orders to the Russians, who would have bought him all the newspapers and TV channels he desired. “He wanted to build tyranny just like Viktor Orbán did. He wanted to be the best Austrian student of Orbán, and his far-right party was to be the Austrian Fidesz,” Harangozó outlined the parallelism. He also pointed out that Strache recommended Heinrich Pecina as an intermediary on the 2017 Ibiza video recording, calling him a big player who had been buying media for Orbán in Hungary for 15 years. It was Pecina who bought, closed down and then transferred the ownership of the daily Népszabadság to Lőrinc Mészáros. After the video recording leading to the resignation of Strache, Orbán met him secretly, which he first denied and then admitted. Harangozó called the double-dealing and the lies of the government understandable, because Pecina was sentenced to 22 months in jail for misappropriation and fraud, which was only suspended because he named his accomplices.
With all this in mind, MSZP expects the Prime Minister to answer the following questions. When, under what circumstances did Viktor Orbán get know Pecina? Who brought them together? Did he know when he met him, that Pecina had previously been convicted for economic crimes? When did Orbán agree with Pecina about transferring ownership of a part of the Hungarian press? What was the subject of his talks with Pecina last January, what other dubious deals were discussed? What did he discuss with the Austrian right-wing vice chancellor a day later? What role does Orbán play in the scandal that buried the Austrian government beneath itself?
"Hungarian people have the right to know when, how and what degree the Hungarian Prime Minister got involved in this matter, because it is a rock solid Hungarian domestic affair," Tamás Harangozó presented MSZP’s stance.

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