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2019. május 26. 07:28

Bertalan Tóth: We shall hammer the nail into the coffin of the National Cooperation System!

Bertalan Tóth: We shall hammer the nail into the coffin of the National Cooperation System!
Those who want to dismantle Orbán's system and actively want to do against it will vote for the joint list of MSZP-Dialogue on Sunday, stressed Bertalan Tóth at his campaign closing press conference. Based on preliminary estimates, Benedek Jávor called attention to the possibility that the EP elections may bring about the victory of the socialist-green forces that will determine the future of Europe.
More than 10,000 activists have been campaigning for the MSZP-Dialogue alliance in this past period. Nationally renowned politicians attended nearly five hundred events. The campaign bus drove 7,000 kilometers to 220 venues promoting their thoughts on a social and environmentally friendly Europe; 5200 of their polling station delegates will monitor the fairness of the elections, Bertalan Tóth summed up their achievements so far during the EP election campaign at the campaign closing press conference of the MSZP-Dialogue alliance.
He highlighted that they would use even the last moments and would be present at 150 venues on Saturday; they will try to persuade people even on Sunday to participate in the elections and support the red-green alliance established with Dialogue in as large numbers as possible. The president of MSZP also emphasized that they were building a new left-wing policy; the alliance with the Greens is not just on for the elections. The Social Europe program had been announced, which also includes claims for Hungary. These include the introduction of a European minimum wage, a minimum pension, the introduction of a minimum family allowance, a social housing construction program that can reduce or eliminate the housing crisis. Tibor Szanyi MEP toured the country with this program, while László Szakács promoted their claims for solving the problem of foreign currency debtors. As campaign chief, István Ujhelyi travelled thousands of kilometers and visited hundreds of venues, advocating, among others, the European Scholarship Program, which supports socially disadvantaged young people in the acquisition of knowledge, said Bertalan Tóth.
 The MSZP party president also pointed out that the alliance was also established with Dialogue to jointly fight against the far right, which is a serious threat in Hungary and Europe. With the fall of the Austrian vice chancellor it turned out that far-right politicians are only interested in power and money, and they want a system that Viktor Orbán built. They are fighting against this, stressed Bertalan Tóth , asking voters who want 

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