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2019. június 03. 22:30

Hungary Must Not Remain in EP without Green Representation!

Hungary Must Not Remain in EP without Green Representation!
We live in a time when the future of mankind, its continued existence, if you like, depends on treating environmental sustainability and climate protection as a priority.

We live in a time when the illiberal government led by Viktor Orbán rejects the EU's goals in the field of climate policy, only to favor German automotive companies. We live in a time when the leaders of Fidesz no longer deny that economic profitability is more important to them than environmental protection.


We live in a time when the lunatic opinion leaders of Fidesz’ closest affiliates already talk about climate change being a lie of the "Sorosist conspiracy," merely to scare people and conceal the problem of migration.


We live in a time when, in Hungary, 16,000 people die each year from air pollution-related illnesses, but Fidesz MEPs do not vote in favor of the resolution that would curb the worsening of air pollution. And we live in a time when, in such a fate-altering period, following to the decision of the Hungarian electorate, there will be no Hungarian member of the Green Faction in the European Parliament.


As the sole member of the European Parliament of the MSZP-Dialogue’s red-green alliance, I feel obliged to take an active role in representing the environmental sustainability issue in Brussels along with my other ongoing fields.


Climate protection and environmental awareness must be a priority in the coming years, and as a returning member of the Social Democratic Group I want to be an innovative player in this field, therefore I have registered to be a member of the Parliament’s environmental committee.


In recent years, Dialogue politician Benedek Jávor has done exemplary work in this field; the continuation of his political and professional legacy is therefore not only an opportunity but an obligation.


I called and asked Benedek that if his future work allowed, I would like him to help my work with his observations. Hungary must not remain without green representation in the EP, especially when the Fidesz government is irresponsibly selling out our environment and our future to big business.

After the Hungarian PM’s landmark speech in Tusványos in 2014, in which he proclaimed his desire to turn Hungary into an illiberal state, I pledged to draw the public’s attention to the transgressions of this regime in an open letter every week. This is the 246th time I ring the bells of alarm, as it still seems necessary. And also because as a radical European Democrat it is my duty to do so.



dr. István Ujhelyi


June 2, 2019


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