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2019. június 06. 21:59

MSZP and Momentum Call MEPs from Fidesz’ Opposition to Cooperate

MSZP and Momentum Call MEPs from Fidesz’ Opposition to Cooperate
Politicians from MSZP and Momentum invited MEPs in Fidesz’ opposition to coordinated cooperation. This was jointly announced by István Ujhelyi and Katalin Cseh on Thursday in the European Parliament building in Brussels.

At the press conference, MSZP’s politician said that the representatives of the parties in the EP, who are in the opposition in Hungary, think differently in many regards, but they certainly agree that they want to represent Hungary's interests in Europe and European values ​​at home. Ujhelyi pointed out that Fidesz was committed to being in the opposition of Europe; even its own faction membership was questionable. MSZP’s politician announced that together with Momentum's MEP Katalin Cseh they initiate a collaborative platform to coordinate and harmonize the representation of common national affairs by MEPs of MSZP, DK, Momentum and Jobbik .


“Five years ago, I had already proposed a similar initiative to the 21 MEPs at that time to operate a common national delegation, but Fidesz swept the case off the table and Jobbik at that time did not deal with the proposal, so it died out. Seeing now that there are 8 MEPs who all fight for a European Hungary, it is important to establish closer coordination and cooperation between Hungarian MEPs from different factions” said István Ujhelyi. The MSZP politician added that they would also run the idea of the "Our Europe Roundtable" initiative by the representatives of DK and Jobbik.


At the press conference Momentum's MEP Katalin Cseh said: István Ujhelyi has proven in recent years that Hungarian interests can be represented successfully, but in this cycle, they would “have to shift to an even higher gear.”


The Momentum politician pointed out: only in the past one and a half weeks, the Orbán's government "under the cover of the night" managed to grind the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, companies close to the Orbán family earned a hundred billion extra of and Péter Szijjártó said that the German automotive industry is more important than climate change. “There is another Hungary, a European, fair and innovative Hungary, which we will represent.


In key issues, those MEPs who believe in Europe, the rule of law and the fact that Hungary has no future outside the European Union will have to act jointly. With cooperation, we want to give hope to those who have already given up on change. We will show that patriotism and the joint representation of common matters is more important than party political conflicts, ”concluded Katalin Cseh at the press conference in Brussels.

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