2019. június 13. 16:09

Orbán Steals from Pensioners Again

Orbán Steals from Pensioners Again
Last year, Fidesz stole from pensioners again by paying them 10,000 forints less pension premium than expected. The Orbán-government always wants to save on the care of the elderly and does not give a damn about the law on these occasions. They are not willing to settle the situation of the humiliated disability pensioners waiting for compensation, even despite the ruling of the Constitutional Court, and now it turns out that they do not want to pay the statutory premium, either.
However, there are things that Fidesz does not mind spending money on at all: propaganda and stadiums. Every retired person should be aware that their stolen money is behind every government advertisement, in every stadium, or in the pocket of a Fidesz buddy.
It is not the first time and, unfortunately, not the last either that the government cheats and humiliates the elderly for the first time, as they are not even willing to raise pensions to the degree that they  at least keep up with the increase in food and pharmaceutical prices.
MSZP – Hungarian Socialist Party
Further information: Lajos Korózs, Chairman of the Welfare Committee

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