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MSZP Turns to Embassy of Japan

MSZP Turns to Embassy of Japan
MSZP turns to the Japanese Ambassador to ask for "their views on what happened at Suzuki," said the party’s politician Lajos Korózs in front of the Japanese Embassy in Budapest on Tuesday.
“In Hungary, it is still possible to create a trade union. In Hungary, it is still possible to join a trade union and laws in Hungary still guarantee workers' rights that the Orbán-government has repeatedly curbed, but to date they are valid, nonetheless” the politician stressed.
He said it was unacceptable that Suzuki had "cast out" someone elected as a union leader at the Esztergom factory, after many people had entered the Trade Union of Metallurgy following the adoption of the slave law.
He emphasized that the employees would only like to live with their rights: "they did not expect anything special" from management, only to let them form a trade union.
"Sooner or later this time will come: there will be a union in the Suzuki factory," he said, expressing his opinion.
He said he had looked up the strategic agreement between the Orbán-government and Suzuki, and found out that "big capital, such as the Suzuki factory, or Mr. Suzuki himself, who is one of the richest people in the world, and the government are on the same team," since the slave law has made it clear that Orbán “had sold out Hungarian workers to big capital."
He went on to say that he understood that there was a market economy, but that the profit had to be shared between the capital investors and those who produced it.
According to Korózs, in Fidesz's language, ‘active engagement in the implementation of Hungarian economic policy’ included in the strategic agreement means: ‘Weaken the advocacy, break down the strike if there is one, exploit workers, give them some sort of salary to shut them up, but if possible, make sure that they can only make ends meet with overwork, work on holidays and much greater effort than what 8 hours of work could earn them.’
He stressed that Hungarian workers would want to earn enough to live fairly in 8 hours.
Korózs contacted the Japanese embassy after MSZP Vice-President Imre Komjáthi chained himself to the fence of the factory on Tuesday to protest against the factory in Esztergom not observing the heat alert, and not ensuring workers with the required resting time and sufficient amount of drinking water.

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