2019. június 23. 14:34

About Time Government Started Serving Hungarian Workers!

It took great courage on the part of Suzuki's employees even to attempt to take a damp towel to Imre Komjáthi, who tied himself to the factory gate and was getting dehydrated in the sun.
The MSZP Vice-President saw that security guards chased everyone away from his vicinity, they even stood buses between him and workers leaving or entering the factory, so that workers would not see that he was there. The security guards also blocked the way of those who would have brought him water and they constantly took footage of those would help him in any way. Nonetheless, many people shouted their thanks  to him, Komjáthi explained in the program Straightforward Talk on ATV on Thursday.
"I do not understand why Suzuki does not understand that it would be better for them to have a trade union locally because then they would know who to negotiate with," Komjáthi said. Where there is a trade union, there is of course “less money going into the pocket of the capitalist,” because the union demands the labor safety rules being adhered to and compliance costs a lot.
"Where there is a trade union, there is a wage fight, too!" he warned.
He said the Metallurgy Trade Union had called Suzuki's leaders to negotiate, but only two "highly paid" attorneys appeared saying that Suzuki did not want trade unions, the works council was enough for them.
MSZP wants to persuade the government to "step up" against its strategic partners, such as Suzuki, so as not to let them hinder the formation of trade unions and get them adhere to Hungarian law, because everyone has the right to form a trade union.
“The Hungarian government has already served the banks, the multinational corporations, the oligarchs, everyone, except for Hungarian workers. It his high time they started to serve them, too,” said Komjáthi.
Komjáthi organized his Tuesday action after it turned out that during last week's heatwave, factory workers were not given the required breaks during work and the right quality drinking water. The factory even fired a worker, father of two, who had been working there for 14 years but announced the formation of a local trade union.

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