2019. június 25. 17:22

Hungarian Public Education in Nosedive Mode

Hungarian Public Education in Nosedive Mode
Based on the 2018 competency assessment survey, the performance of vocational secondary school students (formerly vocational school students) was weaker than the results of all previous surveys. This awfully poor result comes from the bad Vocational Training Act.
Every year, every independent study and analysis clearly shows how the Orbán-government is letting Hungarian children down by making it difficult for them to acquire knowledge.
After eight years, it is clear that the public education law, which was originally intended to reduce differences through state ownership, failed because it achieved exactly the opposite. The fact that students in Budapest and West Hungary are performing better, while students in North and North-East Hungary are performing poorly, shows that territorial disparities have still not been resolved, which indicates the serious problems of public education as a whole.
There is a need for a new law and fundamental changes in education, because surface measures can no longer improve the system.
MSZP – Hungarian Socialist Party

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