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Kunhalmi: We can make the turn happen, but we depend on each other

The opposition can make the desired political turn happen in Hungary and catch up with the 7-8% advantage of István Tarlós over Gergely Karácsony in Budapest, but its parties depend on each other.
The fate of certain municipal electoral districts may depend on 2-3 votes in the end, said MSZP's caucus leader Ágnes Kunhalmi in the program Straightforward Talk on channel ATV on Friday.
“The opposition has to set up a gigantic military machine and army against this state party Fidesz. The intention for this is there as is the opportunity; the openness the I have shown myself over the past two days, as well as Gergely Karácsony and the party leaders, (…) gives even greater hope and is even more exciting (…), now I see that we can finally achieve a domestic political change in Hungary after ten years.”
It is the common interest of everyone that the opposition parties forge the majority in Budapest, which has repeatedly shown itself in the figures, into political unity.
"We are dependent on each other," she stressed. The victory is "in everyone's interest, the stake is huge."
He said that the pre-election winning opposition Budapest mayor-candidate adhered to his first promise: he sat down to negotiate with opposition leaders and former rivals, Olga Kálmán and Gábor Kerpel-Fronius within 12 hours. They both assured him that they would work together in some ways.
According to Kunhalmi, opposition parties have already "tried each other": they have often collected signatures for one another, for example, in the NOlimpia campaign or for joining the European Public Prosecutor's Office, campaigning and co-ordinating together, and holding joint events.
 “Now we are finally together. Sincerely, in unity, joining our forces.” Everyone supports Karácsony, and now the campaign teams, political forces, resources and activist networks must be combined with 'dignity and fairness' towards each other. A political body is being established to coordinate all this.
She said: Karácsony, “hats off to him” for his overwhelming victory, is now a candidate for Budapest mayxor, and although many voted for him from DK and Momentum, "there are 80-100,000 voters still that we have to get on board.” For this reason, Karácsony has now launched an activist recruitment program.
And for the pre-election campaign, Kunhalmi thanked all activists and NGOs, "because it could not have happened without them."
On the ethical committee procedure against Vice-president Tibor Szanyi she said: "I am sorry that the situation got this far, but "the moment has come when the pressure coming from members was too big." "I am very sorry that this has happened, but Tibor has done all he could not to avoid this."

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