2019. július 12. 14:05

We Protect Workers!

We Protect Workers!
Thursday morning, Vice-President of MSZP Imre Komjáthi went to the Suzuki factory in Esztergom again, where he wanted to hand over the Labor Code and a copy of the Fundamental Law to the management, as the company does not allow the local trade union founded a few months ago to operate, moreover, they fired the elected president promptly.
There has been constant pressure from the trade unions and socialist politicians in the matter since then.
On Thursday, Imre Komjáthi and Lajos Korózs wanted to hand over the Labor Code and the Fundamental Law to the HR Director of the company or to any other responsible official, but security guards stood in their way, preventing them from doing so.
They rejected their request on the basis that there was no responsible manager in Esztergom at the time who could have taken over the document. The socialist politicians then insisted on at least leaving the two documents to at the reception, but the security guards would not allow this either.
The politicians promise to continue exerting more pressure next week.