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2019. szeptember 19. 07:22

Weakening Forint, rocketing prices - Fidesz deliberately steals from Hungarian families

Weakening Forint, rocketing prices - Fidesz deliberately steals from Hungarian families
In its own interest, the government is brutally weakening the forint, prices are off the roof, therefore a double-digit wage increase is on the agenda of MSZP, said Vice-President of MSZP László Szakács at a press conference in Budapest on Wednesday.
“The weak forint serves the interest of the government, but it is very bad for Hungarian families. We see that the forint has been at a historic low since 2010,” pointed out Szakács, who explained that this way the government makes a huge forint profit on transfers from the EU.
"In order to manipulate macroeconomic indicators, they inflate and depreciate the forint," the socialist politician added. He also said that, as opposed to the government,  for the Hungarian people inflation d only means they can buy less and less for their money.
He also presented the figures: last year, the price of pork went up by 11.5%, potatoes by 30%, flour by 10%, bakery products by 11% and fresh vegetables by 23%.
“From this, Hungarians only notice that what they earn by working 8 hours or more, they can buy less and less from in the store. If the forint is weakened in this way, the previously agreed minimum wage increase of 8% will not be enough,” said Szakács, since this money is already worth much less based on the weakening forint.
The opposition politician emphasized that his party, the Hungarian Socialist Party agree with the demand of the Alliance of Hungarian Trade Unions: “We agree to have a double-digit minimum wage increase. We do not want a rich government, but prospering Hungarian families! ”- concluded Vice-President of MSZP, László Szakács.

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