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Bertalan Tóth: 13 October A Real Chance for Change

Bertalan Tóth: 13 October A Real Chance for Change
The municipal elections on 13 October will offer a real chance for change, said the president of the MSZP in Szeged on Tuesday.
Bertalan Tóth said at a press conference in the center of Csongrád County’s seat that the Hungarian Socialist Party had very worked hard to create this chance to succeed in the replacement of "Fidesz governors." That is why MSZP had formed an alliance with opposition parties in the capital, in the districts and in most cities with county rights, he added.
The purpose of the cooperation is to have local governments in the settlements that do not only deal with centrally ordered affairs but act in the interest of locals and step up in solidarity and democratically  against climate change, the politician stressed.
Szeged, where the city has been governed by a socialist mayor and an alliance organised by the MSZP for the past 17 years, is a model of genuine self-government. The MSZP has teamed up with opposition parties to create an atmosphere and self-government in as many places as there is Szeged, the party president said.
If the opposition is to delegate the next mayor of Budapest and it wins in the capital with a chance to break "the overpower of Fidesz," "next morning we will wake up to a new country." By presenting an alternative to Fidesz’ governance, by 2022, they could be preparing to turn solidarity, freedom and green politics into a government program, said Bertalan Tóth.
Member of Parliament from Szeged Sándor Szabó explained that the economy of the city was growing dynamically, unemployment was well below the national average and the number of crimes had decreased significantly compared to the previous year.
The local government is rebuilding roads, restoring green areas and institutions, spends more than two billion forints on the reconstruction of kindergarten buildings and the modernisation of schools, the politician, who also holds the MSZP county presidential post, said.

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