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Kövér Admits No Rule of Law in Hungary while They Remain in Power

Kövér Admits No Rule of Law in Hungary while They Remain in Power
László Kövér had the nerve to announce on 22 October from the National University of Public Service to the country celebrating the anniversary of the outbreak of the revolution that, until they remained in power, there would be no rule of law in Hungary. By complementing Viktor Orbán's speech in Tusványos, the Speaker now made it clear to everyone what kind of illiberal state Fidesz wants.
The Speaker of the Hungarian National Assembly László Kövér is no beginner in the world of politics; he knows and understands exactly what he said at the university where they train police and military officers and senior officials of the future.
In a democracy where the separation of powers does not work and the system of checks and balances is abolished, monocracy and tyranny takes over while democracy disappears. This mechanism is to ensure that a democratically elected person, party or organization does not come into dominance or eradicate democracy, as it happened in Weimar Germany.
A system of checks and balances for democracy is like air for man. If it is not around, if it runs out, he ceases to exist and dies.
On Tuesday, Kövér did none other than betray the dream of the 1956 heroes and martyrs.
MSZP stands for the separation of powers, the system of checks and balances, the aspirations of the '56-ers for a democratic, independent, Hungarian democracy of solidarity.
MSZP turns to its EU partners and sends to the European People's Party the speech of Fidesz caucus leader and Speaker of Parliament László Kövér in which he admits that he does not care about the rule of law.
Bertalan Tóth
President and head of MSZP faction

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