2019. november 14. 13:25

All-opposition Support of Syrian-Turkish Resolution!

All-opposition Support of Syrian-Turkish Resolution!
The Fidesz-KDNP party alliance is in a rather awkward position: they will either spectacularly embarrass their own MEPs and themselves soon, or clearly distance themselves from the military aggression of the Turkish President, in honour of whom traffic in the Hungarian capital was recently shut down as a gesture of subservience.
On my suggestion, the MSZP parliamentary group submitted to Parliament a resolution, which was adopted by the European Parliament a few weeks ago reacting to the Turkish military operations in North-Syria and their grave consequences. The condemnation document was adopted by a large majority in the EP plenary in Strasbourg, including Fidesz-KDNP MEPs.
They could hardly do much else if they were to stand for human rights and universal European values ​​as opposed to confronting their people’s party group representing these very values.
The situation is still clear and unambiguous: all opposition parliamentary parties have already joined the petition created by party president and faction leader Bertalan Tóth. It was signed by DK, LMP, Jobbik and Dialogue leaders as submitters. Only Fidesz and KDNP representatives have not joined the initiative (despite having been specifically asked to do so, but they did not as much as respond). The question is how they will treat the petition in the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Assembly, which will soon discuss its inclusion in the agenda.
What will Viktor Orbán order his posse to do and will the Fidesz-delegated chairman of the Committee, Zsolt Németh obey him? If they will not include it in the agenda or later vote against it, they will simultaneously shame their MEPs who supported the document in Strasbourg and spit on the entire European community.
Enough of the childish peacock dance and the tricky explanations! The opportunity has come to act responsibly: Fidesz-KDNP politicians can now finally make a fair and straight call. No more sneaking around or double-dealings: here and now we will finally know which system of values they stand for! It will become clear whether they favour human and European values or only Viktor Orbán and his shady family businesses matter to them. There will be a lot to explain, no matter what they choose.
After the Hungarian PM’s landmark speech in Tusványos in 2014, in which he proclaimed his desire to turn Hungary into an illiberal state, I pledged to draw the public’s attention to the transgressions of this regime in an open letter every week. This is the 269th time I ring the bells of alarm, as it still seems necessary. And also, because as a radical European Democrat, it is my duty to do so.
dr. István Ujhelyi
Member of the European Parliament
10 November, 2019

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