2019. november 14. 21:00

On the Hearing of Commissioner-designate Olivér Várhelyi

On the Hearing of Commissioner-designate Olivér Várhelyi
By rejecting László Trócsányi, the European Community has made it clear that EU decision-makers must clearly be on the side of European values ​​and interests, and there is no place for anti-European illiberalism, deliberate dismantling of the rule of law and especially none for shady corruption.
Following the fall of Trócsányi, in the persona of Olivér Várhelyi, Fidesz nominated a tried Brussels bureaucrat, who responded to questions accordingly at today's hearing.
However, I would not be surprised if Orbán's candidate were to face further difficulties, too. Due to the importance of the portfolio and the anti-EU attitude of the government that nominated him, his election and commissioner work will be followed with scrutiny. Therefore, it is in Várhelyi's best personal interest to step up as a guardian of the Treaties and solely represent the interests of the European Community including Hungary as opposed to the business expectations of the anti-EU government that nominated him.
At today's hearing, among other things, he said he would not accept any instructions from any government, which goes for the Hungarian government, too. He can rest assured that I will remind him  of his public vows whenever necessary in the future.
dr. István Ujhelyi
Member of the European Parliament

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