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Opposition Regards Revisions to House Rules as Revenge

Opposition Regards Revisions to House Rules as Revenge
Opposition MPs see the amendment proposal to the parliamentary law and the house rules discussed by Parliament on Wednesday as revenge and an act planned as part of a “vendetta” against them.
At the joint opposition press conference in Budapest, Jobbik deputy group leader László György Lukács said the proposed changes would curb the rights of MPs. He said the purpose of the "lockjaw law" was let Prime Minister Viktor Orbán "flee" and, by tabling a proposal to curtail Members' rights, he stepped into the hallway of his own fall. It is clear that Viktor Orban is scared of the results of 13 October, he added. He also said the opposition would stand united against the bill and would not allow MPs to be silenced.
Leader of the Socialist group Bertalan Tóth called the proposals a revenge of Fideszt. He said Fidesz was taking revenge on opposition MPs and, through them, on opposition voters because, a year ago, the representatives tried to obstruct the adoption of the ‘slave law’ by non-violent obstruction. In his view, the government parties were also avenging the results of the local elections. He stressed that the opposition parties would not be intimidated; in fact, this would only forge them together more.
Deputy leader of the Democratic Coalition Gergely Arató agreed that the package of proposals was about retaliation against voters that sent opposition members to Parliament and replaced the corrupt, arrogant, highlife living Fidesz leadership in many places. In his view, the dignity of the House is jeopardized by the Prime Minister, who answers a question with Merry Christmas, and Fidesz, which wants to push 37 bills through Parliament within a week.
Deputy leader of the LMP group Antal Csárdi said they wanted to legitimize existing legal violations. He explained that he had tried many times to get into state institutions, but his attempts had failed. He said the new rules were as if the tax authority had two weeks in advance to inform the taxpayer that they would come for a revision.
Timea Szabó, leader of the Dialogue Group, said that the bill was not simply revenge, but a part of Viktor Orbán's vendetta campaign. On 14 October, the prime minister embarked on a vendetta because the population of Budapest, larger cities and towns said no to hate, fear mongering, and theft, she stressed.
She also said they would send a message to Viktor Orbán that opposition members could not be intimidated; even if László Kövér were to deduct their yearly salary, they would continue on the path  and chase "Viktor Orbán and his posse of thieves" away in 2022.
Anett Bősz, an independent MP with affiliations to the Liberal Party, and independent Member Ákos Hadházy also spoke about the importance of maintaining the unity of the opposition.

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