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Mesterházy: We Shall Defeat Fidesz in 2022!

Mesterházy: We Shall Defeat Fidesz in 2022!
The opposition will win in the 2022 election, said MSZP politician Attila Mesterházy in the program ‘Start’ on channel ATV on Tuesday.
"We will take over the power from Fidesz in '22," he said.
The Socialist politician stressed that the greatest chance for defeating Fidesz would be to compete on a one-on-one basis in the Parliamentary elections, meaning that a joint opposition candidate would stand against Fidesz’ candidate in each constituency.
“We cannot work our way around this (…) it is in everyone's best interest,” he said.
"It would be wise to have a joint list, a common prime ministerial candidate, and also have joint candidates in this sense," because "competing lists are doomed to failure," he explained.
Speaking about opposition cooperation, he reiterated that it must be maintained and that the operation of the opposition  local governments to date gives legitimate hope for high expectations.
Naturally, it is the responsibility of the elected representatives to show that cooperation is working. Fidesz is trying to suggest that there is no unity, but "I think we will contradict this to a great degree," he said.
On the suggestion that MSZP might lose ground in the alliance, the former party president said "that is not what the story depends on," because cooperation is about all opposition parties "taking part in this fight, and everyone will find their place therein."
"MSZP will not bleed out in all this, that is absolutely clear," he said.

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