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MSZP to Provide Minimum Utilities Free of Charge

MSZP to Provide Minimum Utilities Free of Charge
According to Bertalan Tóth, both the housing crisis and air pollution could be tackled this way.
While multinational companies and big capital simultaneously exploit workers and the environment, MSZP is constantly fighting for workers' rights, said party president Bertalan Tóth at a press conference he gave on Tuesday.
Environmental degradation and the maintenance of inequality between people are various consequences of a single crime, he continued, quoting Pope Francis, thus “MSZP shall include climate protection in its main policy and will even set up a "green cabinet."
The party would address the housing crisis and the issue of improving air quality in cities simultaneously, Tóth said. Millions of people live in homes with leaking roofs and mouldy walls, and because of their poverty, these people can often only heat their homes by burning garbage.
This type of heating is the primary cause of air pollution in major cities across Hungary. Therefore, MSZP announces the launch of a program that brings both heating and building modernization, and can be used to achieve a change of the overall heating system.
Minimum utilities, gas, electricity and water costs should be free of charge for the basic subsistence level.
- explained Tóth the Socialists' goal. In addition, changing the heating can improve the air quality in big cities. MSZP is launching consultations with civil and environmental organizations, as well as opposition parties, in the hope of makeing it part of a joint election program in 2022.
Data inquiries are made to the Ministry of Innovation and Technology
MSZP’s presidency has commissioned climate protection and green policy counsellor Balázs Bárány to implement this program - Tóth introduced the next speaker of the press conference. He began by saying that social democracy has always dealt with the greatest challenges and injustices of the time, and that today this was climate change and the coming climate disaster. He warned that this would mainly hit the most vulnerable. He noted "we see how the government approaches these strata."
Although some 200,000 people filled out the government's climate protection consultation questionnaire, their opinion is somehow not being made public, so it seems people are interested in the topic, he continued, stating "we are asking the Minister for Innovation and Technology to provide data of public interest on this matter."  MSZP would like to get answers to the following questions:
• How many people completed the climate protection consultation questionnaire and on which days specifically?; furthermore
• They would like to see an evaluation of the answers - especially the 200,000 answers to questions that had to be elaborated on.
If a company or institute were to be involved in processing the consultation answers, then the socialists would also like to see the contracts concluded with them and then make them public. The Ministry normally has 15 days to respond to such inquiries.

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