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Attila Mesterházy Elected President of NATO Parliament

Attila Mesterházy Elected President of NATO Parliament
The leadership of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly unanimously elected Vice-President Attila Mesterházy for the role of President of NATO Parliament. This is the first time that a Hungarian politician has the chance to lead an international organization.

The post of president of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly has fallen vacant when MEP Madaleine Moon lost her mandate in the 12 December British parliamentary elections, which meant that she could no longer hold the presidency of the NATO Parliament.
Attila Mesterházy has been a member of the Hungarian delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly since 2006. He was rapporteur for two years, the first Hungarian one in the organization, and has filed many reports. Since 2018, the former party chairman has led the Socialist Group in Parliament and the Subcommittee on Transatlantic Defence and Security Cooperation. In 2019, he was elected as the first Hungarian politician to be Vice-President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.
Attila Mesterházy will chair the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in the coming year, with more than 300 MPs from more than 50 countries present.
The former party chairman welcomes the commission and hopes that with this new position he will be able to demonstrate Hungary's commitment to transatlantic values ​​and cooperation.
MSZP – Hungarian Socialist Party

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