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Bertalan Tóth: I Will Start a Lawsuit, Even If It Takes Years!

Bertalan Tóth: I Will Start a Lawsuit, Even If It Takes Years!
"I'm going to go down this road, I'm going to sue them and demand access to this contract, even if I have to wait years for it," he said adding that “if there was anything shady about the state acquisition of the loss-making power plant, the ones responsible need to be prosecuted.”
In his view, the deal highlights the essence of the so-called "national system of cooperation": public money stolen through overpriced construction industry and IT procurements is invested in various companies in the energy, agriculture, construction, tourism and hotel sectors, and from the profits they finance the otherwise incredibly loss-making media empire and anything that serves the maintenance of the Orban system.”
However, at the Mátra Power Plant, "there was a fly in the ointment", because the lignite-based power plant unsustainable on the long run started to produce very serious losses. It did not help finance the maintenance of the Orbán system, so they had to get rid of it, Tóth said.
"And we don't know for how much," he said. It is a listed company, the sale has been announced, which also affected stock prices, but it turned out that the deal did not include the price. And such a contract is "not very common" in either private or business life, one that only says "I’ll buy it, for sure" without any specific price.
He emphasized that the government buys the power plant for public money, "our money", "we pay for the losses of Lőrinc Mészáros." Is this what responsible management of public money looks like, he asked.
He said that the Mátra Power Plant was privatized in 1995. It came into German ownership and the investor made many investments there. This part of the business was acquired in 2017 by Lőrinc Mészáros.
“They didn't hesitate much, and 11.5 billion of the more than 50 billion profit reserves was immediately taken out, of which Lőrinc Mészáros received 8 billion forints. He bought that stake for HUF 11 billion, so it actually cost him HUF 3 billion.”
Orbán's argument that the state is now buying the power plant from Mészáros because of the workers was not accepted by the party president.
 "Okay, the prime minister says it's about 10,000 jobs, but what about the fate of 10,000 people?"
If the "national capitalist volunteered back in the day" to buy the power plant, why didn't they think about these people? Otherwise, "the richest man in Hungary would have the money" to settle their fate, he noted.

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