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2020. január 19. 17:19

What Happened at Borsod County Hospital Must Have Consequences!

What Happened at Borsod County Hospital Must Have Consequences!
MSZP’s parliamentary representative urged the intervention of Minister of Human Resources Miklós Kásler and demanded consequences for what happened at the Borsod County hospital in Budapest on Wednesday.
At a press conference in front of the Ministry of Human Resources on Akadémia Street, Ildikó Bangóné Borbély recalled that Attorney General Péter Polt also acknowledged that four cases are under investigation concerning the Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Hospital.
He added that the authorities had already received a letter from the obstetrics department last fall, in which they wrote about suspected cases of crime.
"Kásler's confidants," despite being investigated, are still in prominent roles at the hospital, he said.
An opposition MP highlighted the case of a 23-year-old Roma woman who had had her ovaries removed without medical justification.
On Tuesday, Ildikó Bangoné Borbély said she had personally met the now 26-year-old woman, who learned from police that she could not have a child at the behest of one of the leading doctors at Borsod County Hospital. The politician says the case is not progressing, even though the evidences, i.e. histological results, are available to the authorities, nonetheless, the mutilated woman is still expected to lie down on the operating table again to prove her truth.
The MSZP representative also pointed out that in recent days, a respected obstetrician-gynaecologist has been removed from the institution as a result of the terrors of the hospital’s leadership.
Ildikó Bangoné Borbély also complained that “Kásler’s pet,” the director general of the hospital is also stuffing the pockets of his lawyer pal and colleague at the pharmacological institute with the hospital’s money entrusted to him. 
She added that the director general had entrusted his own company with the management of oncology while, according to official papers, he had not been allowed to practice independently for three years.
The socialist politician indicated that she was also addressing written questions to the Hungarian Medical Chamber, Minister of the Interior Sándor Pintér, Attorney General Péter Polt and Miklós Kásler regarding the affairs of the Borsod County Hospital.
There was a question at the press conference regarding the MSZP’s charitable solidarity fund, to which the party's parliamentarians pay 10 per cent of their increased salary. Ildikó Bangoné Borbély said she was one of the three-member body that decides on the use of the fund. She herself donates HUF 260,000 a month into the fund, she added.
She said she was using her after-tax income for this, and then asked how much the public television correspondent, who asked this question, spends from his income on charity, especially considering that his income is paid from public money.

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