2020. január 23. 23:44

Fidesz Depreciating – Opposition Must Prove Itself

Fidesz Depreciating – Opposition Must Prove Itself
While Fidesz is depreciating, the opposition needs to prove its leadership skills, said president of MSZP Bertalan Tóth and the new leader of the Community of Left-wing Local Governments (BÖK) András Nemény on ATV’s ‘Straighforward Talk’ program on Friday.
It must be shown how the mixed coalitions formed in municipal elections can lead local communities so that the people there can truly take charge of their own affairs. Since the Orbán government has nationalised many things, this requires a change of government, Tóth said.
"We want a change of government in 2022, and the representatives and mayors of the Community of Left-wing Local Governments also want a change of government because they want to restore (…) true self-governance," he added.
He said the 25-year-old organisation is expanding, with 160 left-wing representatives and mayors having attended the day’s board re-election meeting. Their aim is to provide their members and aspirants with a professional platform where they can share experiences and best practices. He added that the community would play an even more important role in the future, because there was now a real opportunity to practice the leftist values, such as solidarity and justice, that had been​​proclaimed in the municipal campaign.
Mayor of Szombathely, president of MSZP in Vas County and newly elected leader of the BÖK András Nemény said the opportunities are great, but so is the responsibility, because the opposition will soon be measured by the success of the municipalities, while they are in fact struggling as the government hardly assists the new opposition leaders of the settlements.
"The most sensible reaction is to join forces in this situation, and at least discuss good practices, (…) and act in unity when it comes to difficulties," he said.
If opposition representatives can show that they are better and there is in fact an alternative, then many people with conservative values ​​who do not support Fidesz will make a move. This has happened in Szombathely, and I think it will happen more and more elsewhere as Fidesz depreciates all over the country,” he said.
Tóth and Neményi were also asked in the program about the socialist representative who joined Fidesz in Törökbálint. The president of MSZP said that the Disciplinary Board had accepted the "first-round" proposal to exclude him from the party.
"I maintain zero tolerance for our representatives who work with Fidesz for Fidesz," the party president emphasized.
He added that the fact that MSZP local representatives occasionally vote along with Fidesz in the interest of the settlement - on the issue of pavement or kindergarten renovation, for example - was inevitable. But the fact that the proposal, which tripled the mayor's bonus, was not only voted for, but also submitted by an MSZP representative, is unacceptable."